Answer 4U
Service video designed to improve sales engagement
  • Live action
  • Micro Video Content
  • In-Campaign Optimisations
Video Click Rate, Since Video Launch

Answer 4U is a leader in their field. Focused on growth, their ambitions included increasing sales of their 777 Service. Working alongside Answer 4U’s high quality marketing activity, they requested a video, sales focused, that would encourage users to click through to request a demo of the service.


Apricot designed a video that articulated the service’s key benefits in a dynamic way. A link to their demo page was embedded into the video itself, so the users could click through when they were most engaged. During the campaign, Apricot analysed that the video could perform to a higher standard and made optimisations which resulted in an increased click through rate. Apricot also provided Answer 4U with a series of micro video content, used on social media, with the aim to drive more traffic to the sales page.

We decided to trial the use of video on our website to improve engagement and its overall quality assessment with Google. We were referred to Apricot and were impressed from the outset by their technical knowledge and synergy with commercial needs and opportunities.

Stuart Wilson