Institute of Mental Health-Peer Support
Video/campaign to raise awareness and increase enquiries
  • Live action
  • Launch Plan
  • Marketing Campaign
increase in enquiries since campaign launch

The Peer Support Group at the Institute of Mental Health needed to raise awareness of the life changing work that they do. They work all around the UK, so needed a video marketing campaign that would spread far and wide.


Central to the success of this campaign was Apricot understanding the core audience in detail. This understanding enabled a central message that resonated deeply with who the Peer Support Group most wanted to work with. As well as the video, Apricot crafted a launch plan and social media campaign. You can check out a more in depth case study in a unique interactive experience by clicking here.

The experience of working with Apricot was incredible, far more than we were expecting from a video campaign. Their attention to detail was meticulous, and we got a real sense that the video campaign meant as much to them as it does to us. We’ve had to take on more trainers to cope with the demand and the vast majority of those making enquiries say the video inspired them to contact us.

Emma Watson