[VIDEO] How Much Does Video Marketing Cost?

How much does video marketing cost?

A question I get asked a lot (a lot, a lot) – and a very valid question it is too. But as you’d imagine, the answer isn’t straight forward.

However, the video above gives an answer that has satisfied many who have asked – and I hope it satisfies you too! (Oh, and don’t forget to download the Apricot Pricing Guide!)

For Those Of You Who Prefer Words…

So how much does video marketing cost?

That’s a question I get asked an awful lot.

And the answer to the question is?

It depends.

It depends on what people want and what’s going to go into the video marketing efforts. Video projects are always different, so there are differing factors to weigh up – especially in regards to planning, production and the all important promotional campaigns.

It can cost, for example, nothing at all. If you want to use your mobile phone, you could record video blogs and put them on your web site to connect with your audience and deliver value that way.

Or you could use social video. There are so many platforms to choose from – such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. So then the question about which platforms to choose comes down to “where are your audience?”.

Using your own kit to do video blogs and utilising the array of social video tools out there, you don’t have to pay anything to use them at all.

So it’s all very low cost of entry, just your time and using your phone.

But if you’re wanting something more involved – more professional – you’ll need a video marketing agency.

And if you’re going to work with a video marketing agency, I’d encourage you to think of it more as an investment than a cost, so therefore be thinking about what you can gain – how you can grow – from an investment.

So the core to success there is the measurements, the metrics and the KPIs that are set and how that’s translated into business value.

So make sure that if you’re working with a video marketing agency, that you’re getting clear reports on how the videos are performing – and what the definition of success is for that video.

If you know all of that, you’re in a much better position to understand what your return on investment is and that’s going to leave you in a great position going forward to know where to put your money in terms of marketing investment.

Whatever you invest in video marketing make sure it’s an amount that’s sustainable – that you can see getting a return from as a real possibility over time.

Below we have put together a pricing guide that delves more into the nitty gritty numbers. We’ve been told by clients it’s a big help when it comes to planning and actually understanding what factors make up video marketing cost.

Download it and take a look – I hope you find it just as helpful.


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