How to Get (and Keep) The Attention of Your Audience

A lot of time, thought and effort is put into marketing — and with good reason: If you don’t market your company in an intelligent way that’s appropriate to your audience, at best you’ll waste money — at worst, it could shut your doors.


But what is it we’re after, as marketers? What’s most important?






A return on investment?


All of those are important and necessary — but you won’t get any of the above unless you have one thing:




Attention is the cornerstone of effective marketing. It’s at the foundation of engagement, relationships and a good ROI because without attention, none of that can exist.


Having the attention of your audience is a privilege and should be treated as such.


There’s so much choice, so much noise and people are so busy that if they stop and give you their attention we must reward that in order to keep and maintain that attention.




Via the delivery of relevant and valuable content.


Now you have their attention. But is that it?




We must make it a habit to deliver genuinely useful content in a way that our audience wants and presented in a way that they want to consume it.


The quality of distribution of the content we create is just as crucial as the quality of the material itself. The term “native” is key to this. Getting the context as right as the content.


Don’t forget, our job is to serve our markets. Be of service. Give them what they need, in the way that they want it.


All of this underpins the importance of a very clear buyer persona because how can you expect to produce content when you don’t really know why you’re producing it and for who?


Key Takeaways


  • Think of your persona. Who are you making your content for and why?
  • Think native. Get the context of right, as well as the content….
  • …this means personalising the content for the platform for which it lives- this makes it more organic for your user to consume.
  • Remember that it is a privilege to have the attention of your audience. Treat it as such by listening to your audience and crafting content that is of genuine value.
  • Make this a habit and you’ll be well on your way to not only grabbing but maintaining the attention of your audience.