The Value of Video in Your Inbound Marketing

I hope that you enjoyed that co-produced video that we made with Wistia. Video and Inbound marketing go really well together and there are lots of benefits to including video content in your plan. These benefits range from increased traffic, more conversions and better SEO.


When it comes to video and Inbound marketing, the best strategy here is being useful and providing your audience with value, as opposed to outright selling (not a good approach).


Video is good at this because in addition to it being a dynamic format, there is a human element that can help to form a relationship at an early stage – this helps with trust.


That trust will make the viewer more likely to watch more content from you, or reach out to you with a question, for example. Trust is key!


You can use video in all stages of Inbound marketing – from generating awareness, creating demand and converting leads to paying customer.


A good way to start is to analyse where your marketing needs most support – here are some useful questions to ask:


  • Is the market aware of who we are and what we offer?
  • What proportion of your web visitors are being converted to leads? Can this be optimised?
  • What proportion of these leads are being converted to customers? Could you be making more of your opportunities?


Answering these questions will give you strong clues as to where you tactics need to focus.


Key Takeaways


  • Use your content to generate trust and build relationships – don’t sell at them!
  • Look at your current marketing – which areas could perform better? Identify this and you can craft content to cater for your needs.
  • Always measure what works and what doesn’t.