This is What A Video Marketing Campaign Looks Like (featuring Dave)

Meet Dave.


He’s a marketing manager. He’s good at what he does and is ambitious. Him and his small team are responsible for generating quality leads for the sales team to convert.


Dave knows his stuff and gets why video marketing is so popular…but he doesn’t know where to start. Fortunately, he is going to be working with Apricot.


The campaign consists of:


  • A series of video blogs
  • A case study video (linked to a content upgrade…more on this later!)
  • A landing page video


Because Dave has a well developed buyer persona, the creative meetings between him and Apricot go swimmingly and they are able to pinpoint the type of content and style that is most likely to resonate with Dave’s core audience. High fives, because this is important!


Once the videos are created, the videos are placed on their corresponding pages:


Video blogs

One video blog per week is uploaded to their company blog. Apricot trained Dave’s team and advised on the best kit for quality results and ease of use.


His team feel a bit overwhelmed at first, having to create so much content. Where will the ideas come from?! But they know their buyer persona well and are strong on data driven research, so they are able to produce a 6 month content calendar.


They send the first 2 video blogs to Apricot for feedback – but after that, they have the confidence and belief to do it all themselves. Go, go, go!


Case study

This sits on a dedicated page – the video has been optimised for video SEO, helping even more potential leads find the content.


As a means to capture quality email addresses and contact details, after watching the 2 minute video, the viewer is prompted to enter their details in exchange for a content upgrade.


This means a piece of content that takes the case study even further, delineating the stats, results and benefit that Dave’s company get for clients. This content upgrade takes the form of an interactive infographic (fancy!) – created by none other than Apricot Marketing, Apricot Video’s marketing content division.


Landing Page Video

This sits on a dedicated micro site and targeted traffic is driven their via a PPC campaign. The landing page is A/B split test so that headlines, call to actions and the video itself can be tested.


However, a month into the campaign, the analytics report that Apricot generates are showing that the landing page video isn’t performing as hoped.


Armed with this knowledge, Apricot re-edit the landing page video, using the engagement data as a guide for which parts to cut out. They also rework the call to action and add a clickable link to the video itself.


Dave is concerned that this extra work will take him over budget…but he need not worry. it’s all a part of the Apricot service (again, high fives!)


Just 2 weeks after those changes, the video is performing well and the page is converting, meaning there is a healthy stream of leads now coming into the business.


Apricot sends Dave analytics reports so Dave has full visibility of the performance of his videos – and he knows his ROI.


Which makes Dave happy.