What is ‘Strategic’ Video Marketing…and Why Do You Need it?

The word “strategic” can be one of those business-y words that really doesn’t mean anything but make you sound a bit important when it’s used.


But not in our Marketer’s Hub!


Really, it’s a very important term that when fully embraced can help yield consistently strong results in your marketing efforts.


So what does it mean and how can it be useful?


When we talk about being ‘strategic’ with video marketing, what we essentially mean is having a strong sense of purpose tied into what we are doing.


For example, we won’t just create a video campaign for a client.


We will make create a video campaign that will do something specific for that client – such as help to boost conversion on a sales page. Or the purpose could be to generate awareness of the brand in the market place.


Whatever the project, there has to be a purpose – and that purpose should be tied into what is most important to the business in relation to its own goals and taking into consideration what their buyer persona(s) need.


Going further – being strategic in video marketing means carefully selecting your content. Is there a content gap in the market? Is there demand for content on a particular subject? Historically, has a certain topic yielded best results for your company?


There are just some of the questions that are healthy to consider when planning marketing content of any kind.


This way, your content is way more valuable and powerful – and you’re much more likely to get better results.


The opposite of strategic marketing is mindless marketing. Content that is published without much thought for purpose or intent. This kind of content is unlikely to advance your ideal prospect on their journey with you but rather make up online noise.



Key Takeaways


  • The term ‘strategic’ is a very important term when it’s embraced and understood in the right way
  • To be strategic in your marketing, video or other types of content, consider:
    • What are your overall business and marketing goals?
    • How can this piece of content help you towards those?
    • Who is your buyer persona? What do they need?
    • How do we measure success accurately?