The home of The Proper Video Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the home of our podcast, The Proper Video Marketing Podcast.

We made it to share everything we know about video marketing, as well as interviewing some industry experts, reviewing books on storytelling and creativity and diving into insights from our analysis of over 2.5 million seconds of video performance data.

Check out links for the episodes and show notes below:


  • Episode 1 on Video Strategy. The missing, yet crucial ingredient for video campaign success
  • Episode 2 on Empathy and brand storytelling. Wanting to grow a brand? This episode is for you.
  • Episode 3 on Persuasion. As marketers, we affect decisions in our audience. Want to excel at that? Then listen to this.
  • Episode 4 on Brand Affinity Marketing with Phil Nottingham. Phil is one of the world’s leading video marketing experts. If you want to grow a brand with video and create affinity with your audience, you’re in for a treat with this episode.