Episode 1: Video Strategy
The Proper Video Marketing Podcast

Show Notes:
00:00 intro, why you should listen to this podcast and what you can expect and look forward to on the show.

02:36 the subject of the first 4 episodes, the four pillars of video marketing.

03:14 the subject of this episode and the first pillar of video marketing – video strategy

03:30 what strategy gets conflated with more than anything else

04:12 the purpose of this episode in relation to strategy

04:30 my definition of strategy

04:50 the purpose of strategy

05:15 how to structure your work to embrace proper strategy

05:51 reading a passage from Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing

07:32 the components of a video strategy

12:07 back to this is marketing for a strategy examples from Coca Cola and Patagonia

13:43 digging into strategic positions and why we need them

15:21 what strategy is crucial in video marketing

16:52 how to construct your own video strategy

27:56 wrapping up and recap

28:58 next episode teaser