Episode 3 – Persuasion

00:00 Intro

01:19 Why is persuasion important?

02:19 A definition of persuasion and the difference between persuasion and manipulation

03:17 How do we make decisions?

03:47 System 1 and System 2, from Thinking Fast and Slow

04:15 Example of a cognitive bias

05:00 A bit of mathematics

07:51 95% of our decisions as consumers are made this way…

08:31 Do we make decisions “emotionally” then back up with logic?

09:44 How can we become better persuaders with video?

10:32 Strong brands have this quality in abundance, weak brands do not…

10:48 2 key principles from behavioural economics

12:28 Mere exposure and share of brand voice connection

13:35 Don’t blend in – do a content gap analysis

15:09 How to best use features, data and benefits

15:20 Emotion and the marketing funnel

15:59 Nike and ASOS examples

17:07 Wrapping up