Micro Content, Macro Impact 3rd August 2016

Proof that size really doesn’t matter. Your micro content will carry weight and genuine value to your audience. It can be words, pictures, video – even a bespoke microsite. Whatever the form, you can count on high quality and relevant content being delivered.

Strategic Application

Yes, micro content is easy for your audience to consume, it can be fun to make and get you great results. But, in order for it to work, it needs purpose and has to fit into a larger plan. This is where we put our strategic hats on and help make this content as meaningful […]

Micro Measurements

How your audience consumes micro content can give big clues into their wants, needs, challenges and how you can cater for them further down the buyer’s journey. We measure all content that is published and deliver insights and reports to you that can be used to improve your future content and offerings.

Immersive Experiences

Whether it is 360 video, VR experiences, branched video or a mixed media project, our projects can deliver memorable experiences to your user, resulting in outstanding campaign performance.

The Power of Choice

Interactive video puts the power of choice into the hands of your user. Linear video is seen the same way by anyone who views it. An interactive experience is personal, allowing the user to define their own experience, deepening their engagement with your content and subsequently, your brand.

Interactions are Insights

How your audience interacts with your interactive video project will give you deep insights into their interests, wants and needs. You can then use this valuable data to improve your messaging and offering to them. Backing up the innovative visual experiences that we can create are robust analytics. The numbers will tell a story and […]

Striking Content

Whether we create live action, animation or a blend of both, your video content will be designed to engage your audience and provide them with value. Each video we make has an objective. Meaning it ties in with marketing & business goals, increasing ROI and its value to you.

Getting it Seen

So, you have powerful video content. Now what? It needs to be seen by the right people to have maximum impact. We specialise in video distribution, with each project coming with its own strategy and set of tactics, ensuring the content is seen by those who matter.

Analytics & ROI

Once videos are launched, we track performance, create reports and suggest optimisations. Low play rate? We’ll work to increase it. Need higher conversions? We’ll test different calls to action to find the best one. This analytical, proactive approach improves performance and maximises your investment.