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Your Brand and Messaging
Why A Campaign?

When a movie is released into theatres, a host of supporting assets such as posters, interviews, trailers etc. are published.

These let people know about the movie and motivates them to watch it.

Without a promotional campaign, the movie would disappear into oblivion, fast.

Your videos shouldn't be treated any differently.

Running a coordinated campaign, where all separate assets tie into the core video, will not only be great for outreach but also help to expand on your message.

You're cutting up your canvas and placing pieces strategically on your customer's journey.

This helps get more brand awareness and more eyes on your content while you're delivering more value to your viewers.

How They Work

For example, let's take a case study video. Middle of the funnel content and the potential for lots of depth.

You could make a 5 minute video that people will watch 90 seconds of (yawn, no thanks).

Or, you could break up the messaging. First, create a persuasive and engaging (concise) core video.

Then supporting assets, such as social content, micro sites, infographics etc. expand on the video, allowing for more depth.

If released in a co-ordinated way, so the campaign builds over time, it will be highly engaging and helps you to reinforce your message.

You're doing more than just publishing content.

You're telling a story.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin