About Apricot
We are video marketers, creating engaging video campaigns that delivers a strong ROI
Delivering Video R.O.I

We don’t just want to run video marketing campaigns for you. We want to create and run campaigns that get the most out of your investment and deliver a strong ROI. The secret to this is being strategic from the outset and setting the most meaningful KPIs. Our goal is to help you hit your goals and maximise ROI.

Team Apricot

Hey, it’s Amir again. For the first couple of years, I mainly worked alone, doing pretty much everything Apricot related. But not animation, I’m awful at that. We leave that to ‘The Danimator'.

As Apricot has grown, so has my role. I now count myself lucky to work with a very talented and dedicated bunch of people. This means I can focus on creating more value than ever for our clients. Which means clients get more from their investments. Better videos, better campaigns and crucially, higher ROI…

...and that’s what we are here for. Helping you to hit your goals. Fuelling your growth and ambitions. We’re always looking to level-up, improve our game, learn and develop the best techniques.

Because the better we are, the better your results - and your results are everything to us.