About Apricot
Creating remarkable video campaigns
Delivering Video R.O.I

Video marketing has been done in the same old way for too long.

Get a video made, upload it to YouTube and that's that.

But this old model of video marketing hurts brands in many ways. So, over the years we've done things differently. Always based on performance data, we've developed our own model of video marketing.

One that not only helps a brand to stand out to their audience in a crowded market place - but also deliver a provable ROI.

We've analysed over 2.4m seconds of video since launching. This means that we know what works best in various contexts and how to structure a campaign that can deliver everything you need it to.

Team Apricot

For the first couple of years, I mainly worked alone, doing pretty much everything Apricot related. But not animation, we leave that to Dan (‘The Danimator').

As Apricot has grown, so has my role. I now count myself lucky to work with a very talented and dedicated bunch of people. This means I can focus on creating more value than ever for our clients. Which means clients get more from their investments. Better videos, better campaigns and crucially, higher ROI…

...and that’s what we are here for. Helping you to hit your goals. Fuelling your growth and ambitions. We’re always looking to level-up, improve our game, learn and develop the best techniques.

Because the better we are, the better your results - and your results are everything to us.