How to Capture Leads with Video

We hope that you enjoyed the co-produced video that we made with our friends over at Wistia!


As well as using Wistia’s Turnstile functionality for capturing leads in video, here are some other ways that you can do it:


Create a landing page with an email capture form and use a video to give a strong call to action for the viewer to enter their email. Best practice is to focus on how they benefit from giving you their email – what are they getting in exchange?


It’s also a good idea to let them know what the next steps are – when will you email them next? Set their expectations and be sure to make it clear that you don’t intend to spam them!


If creating a landing page isn’t something that ties in with your strategy, then you can place a video on your website and use an email capture form nearby (either to the side or beneath the video player).


We’d recommend the same approach in terms of outlining benefits of what they’ll be getting – and reassuring them that their details won’t be sold on or abused in any way.


As Chris says in the video – it’s all about trust. Create that trust, maintain it and we think you will find that you will see a boost in conversions.


Key Takeaways


  • Trust and conversion rates are inextricably linked – so if you’re wanting to boost the number of leads you get, try to find ways to increase the amount of trust you have with your audience.
  • Due to the nature of video, it is a prime medium for generating and maintaining trust.
  • Use video either on landing pages with email capture forms – being careful to outline benefits of the user giving you their email address (i.e. what are they getting in return?) or…
  • … you can use Wistia’s excellent Turnstile feature (as demonstrated by us at the end of the video!)