Episode 2 – Empathy and Storytelling


Show Notes:

01:02 Intro to today’s subject

02:02 What is empathy?

03:52 Why use empathy in marketing?

04:30 Is using empathy in marketing cynical?

05:16 On worldviews

05:52 Seth Godin quote on worldviews and stories

06:15 Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches Example (link to video here)

08:40 On brand storytelling

09:35 The benefits of developing a brand

10:57 Can you make a brand from a commodity? The Baron Fig example.

13:09 Seth Godin’s magic sentence

15:42 How we can use empathy in video marketing

17:55 The benefits of running brand storytelling campaigns

19:13 Wrapping up and what to look forward to on episode 3