Persuasion + Optimisation = High ROI
  • Persuasive Approach
  • Metrics + KPIs Measured
  • Regular Performance Reports
  • Optimisation for High ROI
2.4m seconds
of video analysed to date
Persuasive Video

The art of persuasion comes down to motivating someone to do something that will benefit them.

At it's core are trust and ethics.

That's our approach to video here at Apricot: Be authentic, deliver value and be persuasive.

Without a purposeful effort to be persuasive, conversions come down to chance.

Does that sound appealing to you?

No, it doesn't to us either.

So we craft a "persuasion" strategy for each video we create. Helping it to be the most effective piece of content it can be.

Optimal Video

It's common knowledge that once you publish a piece of video - that it's set in stone, right?

Wrong. With Apricot, at least.

Every quarter, you receive a performance report. Then, if the video isn't performing to agreed benchmarks, we make tweaks (at no extra cost).

These could be to the edit, calls to action, thumbnail - we're lead by the data we gather each quarter.

To date, we've analysed over 2.4 million seconds of video.

What this means for you is you get a video that's going to perform as promised...

...and deliver a strong ROI.


The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.

Zig Ziglar