Tired of unresponsive customers? Use Video Marketing to overcome apathy 21st November 2018

Imagine this: Months of hard work. You’ve developed a product that you’re proud of. One you’re sure that your audience will love. A campaign has been carefully crafted. Hopes are high. You launch… … …and crickets. No one is buying your product. No one is even talking about your brand. Instead of striking gold, you’ve […]

How To Get Your Video Context Correct (and why it’s important) 22nd October 2018

We’ve all heard the maxim that “content is king” but that’s not entirely true. If it was, you could create some content, say a video blog – put it anywhere and since content is king, the right people would find it and it would prove to be a valuable asset to you and them. But […]

Awesome! Video Can Significantly Increase Your Conversion Rate. Here’s Why… 8th May 2017

  Working in marketing or sales means the results you get define your success. Looking for ways to improve results is the practice of a marketing/sales pro who is on the path to impressing their boss and growing the company they work for. Increasing your conversion rate is a powerful way to boost your results […]

[VIDEO] How Much Does Video Marketing Cost? 6th April 2017

How much does video marketing cost? A question I get asked a lot (a lot, a lot) – and a very valid question it is too. But as you’d imagine, the answer isn’t straight forward. However, the video above gives an answer that has satisfied many who have asked – and I hope it satisfies […]

New! Your Guide To Repurposing Content To Boost Reach + Maximise ROI 31st March 2017

I love to cook. It’s the process itself – creative and experimental – as much as the delectable end results that has drawn me to it since I was young. What does this have to do with repurposing content? Read on and all will come clear! At the weekend, we had guests for Sunday lunch […]

How to: 5 Questions for Content Marketing Lead Generation 3rd March 2017

Quality, qualified leads are oxygen to any growing business. Without them a company might survive through repeat business and referrals, sure – but if you want growth, your business needs a sustainable (and ideally predictable) flow of qualified leads entering the business each and every month. But how do you get businesses and individuals contacting […]

Crazy! How Our Video Marketing Campaign Increased Leads by 427% 27th February 2017

Check out this Slideshare presentation of a video marketing campaign we ran for a client. The result was 427% increase in leads post campaign. Checking out this case study, you’ll learn: – The key steps we took in planning – The campaign framework – How we made our content so relevant to the audience – […]

[Infographic] Video Ideas For Each Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey 21st February 2017

A question that we often get asked a lot is: “How do we know what kind of video content to make?” There are several ways to answer this question (some of which will be addressed in the future) but one way is looking at your buyer’s journey and crafting video content that gives the buyer […]

How To Generate Ideas For Content That Your Audience Will Love 17th February 2017

This blog walks you through 5 easy ways to generate ideas for your content that your audience will love.

How To Improve Customer Engagement To Earn Loyalty (With Actions to Try Now!) 16th January 2017

If there’s a more desirable thing for a business than having a loyal customer, then I’m yet to come across it. But having a customer who wants to buy from you and only you isn’t something that just happens. It is the result of a customer’s experience with you – and earning, developing and maintaining […]